In 2013 Z+ team began utilizing Virtual Reality to present Zamperla’s brand new rides to its customers.

After undergoing a period of testing, the VR became increasingly efficient and was able to showcase the new rides in a very enjoyable and memorable way. With a solid virtual resume and the desire to entertain people, we decided to create something that was unique, something that no one else on the market was offering.

Applying the VR testing system to customer use was a logical development. The decision to apply it on a flat ride came naturally. When Zamperla engineers and Z+ creative team conversed they chose to inaugurate the system onto Zamperla’s newest flat rides: the WindstarZ.

WINDSTARZ VR An immersive experience with real interaction.

With the ability to control the steering bar, this ride proved to be the perfect match for an interactive world: while the classic ride let’s you steer your flight with a hang-glider customizing your trajectory for a pleasant view of the park and its surroundings, the virtual reality ride let’s you be the captain of your very own experience. While the ride dangles giving the riders a true flying sensation, the steering bar gives the ‘captain’ the ability to catch targets and bypass obstacles.


Windstarz is only the start of the introduction of VR elements to various rides as the Z+ team is also working on applying the technology to other best-selling Zamperla’s attractions.

So, if you are looking to add the ‘tech of the moment’ to your park, contact us to see what solutions we have ready for you!

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