Dispositivo ITT
Intelligent Temperature Test

The ideal tool for preventive monitoring of body temperature.

100% Made in Italy
Manufactured and distribuite by SAFE INSTRUMENT

Increase the security of your Business.


What is it
Preventive monitoring of body temperature

The I.T.T. device (INTELLIGENT TEMPERATURE TEST) of SafeInstrument line monitor your body temperature in advance.

It can be used at the entrance of common enclosed spaces such as: Companies, Offices, Restaurants, Cinemas, and any social gathering place to regulate the entry safely as required by the health laws in force.

SafeInstrument ensures privacy: the device detects body temperature without displaying degrees and indicates the temperature by illuminating in three different colors.

  GREEN: from 32,0°C- 37,0°C

  YELLOW: from 37,1°C – 37.5°C

  RED: from 37,6°C – 40.0°C

Custom I.T.T. Device

We can provide temperature monitoring devices with customized silhouettes, adapting them to final environment in which they are inserted.

In addition, on request, you can add a hand sanitizer. The I.T.T. device is also available with accessories that allow you to detect exact temperature degrees at a distance, always in compliance with the individual’s privacy.



SafeInstrument is simple and immediate to use, once placed at the entrance of a specific area, it automatically detects the temperature of the person passing by.

It is not a medical device; it should therefore be used for preventive purposes, to regulate entry into places of aggregation.
In the case of three readings above 37.5 degrees Celsius, we recommend that you check the temperature with a contact thermometer for medical use.


A series of accessories compatible with the I.T.T. Device.

Display Distance Control

It is a small display with a beeper that, through a wifi connection, allows you to remotely monitor the temperature detected. You can connect the display to the I.T.T. Device.

For people’s privacy

SafeInstrument Distance Control allows an operator to check the exact temperature at the entrance of a specific space without the degrees appearing on the I.T.T. device. In case of the red signal, further checks should be made.

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