Z+ is reinventing the game with gesture control and scream meter.

Gesture control is the ability to recognize and interpret movements of the human body in oder to control a computer system without direct physical contact. We had the idea of applying this tecnology to rides in oder to make them more enjoyable and interactive.

Gives your swinging ship a captain on the high seas!

  • An interactive experience based on gesture control system and scream meters
  • It makes riders lift their hands up or scream as laud as they can to gain points!
  • Take part of the challenge between the two ride’s teams
  • A small investment to refresh your classic ride!
  • Applicable to other rides

On the galleon we divide people into two teams and the challenge for both is based on lifting the hands when the galleon reaches the top. Two different captain’s voices whip the two teams into frenzy. A sensor measures the galleon inclination and a camera installed on the mast records the hands lifted.

The system assigns points to each team and at the end of the ride one team is the winner. In parks where lifting hands is not allowed due to safety procedures, we can use the scream meter system and invite the riders to scream as loud as they can.

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