Cost-effective and efficient way to abide by these safety regulations during the global pandemic.

Contapersone Z+ accurately counts how many customers are going in and out of your building, giving you real-time data on the number of customers inside – your occupancy.

A tablet display at the entrance uses a simple traffic light system to inform customers whether they should enter, or whether the maximum occupancy has been reached and they should wait.

When other customers exit, the screen will update accordingly.

Contapersone similuazione render

To all businesses and public areas.

Thanks to its small size and ease of use, the Z+ people counter is the ideal solution for both small businesses and locations that welcome large numbers of people.

Contapersone similuazione

A Camera Tracking System accurately counts how many customers
are going in and out of your building.


Install the camera at the entrance of your facility.
Accurately counts how many customers are going in and out of your building.

mini computer

Communicating with a mini computer and through Z+ software gives you real-time data on the number of customers inside. Managers can set a predetermined threshold on the number of people occupying certain space.

Set up the display device at the entrance to display the real-time dashboard for occupancy data. Display of colour indication to highlight the occupancy level of your premises: Green (within the threshold), Red (exceeding the threshold)

Quick and Easy

Installazione e configurazione

Installation and setup will only take a few moments.
Full installation service provided.
Complimentary installation support is provided for clients who engage their own engineers.

modalità offline

No need for extensive network cabling as the system can also operate in offline mode.

alimentazione solo per tablet e computer

Power required only for tablet and computer.

Definizione del limite di capacità specifica

Define the specific occupancy limit imposed by the government.

accessi automatizzati.

Trigger instant alerts to the person-in-charge for their immediate attention if the threshold is breached for occupancy control.

Disponibili diverse dimensioni di tablet.

Different display sizes are available.

Struttura self standing (totem) o fissaggio a parete.

Display on self-standing holder or installed at wall.

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